Free Talha Ahsan & Extradition issues – further reading & resources twitter :@freetalha / @hamjaahsan – UK based org on solitary confinement
Twitter Hashtags : #BringTalhaHome #ExtraditionFilm #MyNameisAhsan

Film : Extradition (2012)
1. A 25 minute film is online featuring Gareth Peirce & families of Talha Ahsan & Babar Ahmad – shot before extradition explains related issues, framed around Talha’s prison poetry.
2. – archive of TV & Radio appearances
3. Dinnertime (2013) – film on Talha’s family directed by Clare Cameron 3 minute film online. winner of Channel 4 short documentary award
4. Art Begets Spirit (2014) – Online 8 min film profile of Hamja Ahsan transformation as campaigner on youtube.

1) Shadow Lives : the forgotten women on the War on terror – Victoria Brittain
An essential read covering the case of Talha Ahsan & Babar Ahmad in special chapter & providing geopolitical context – acclaimed by Noam Chomsky & Helena Kennedy.
2) State of Race – ed. Nisha Kapoor looking at Racism, the state and the War on Terror. Contain must-read essay Extraordinary Extradition on Talha Ahsan extradition. Get copy for your university library
3) This be the Answer – anthology of Talha prison poetry & travel poetry with introductions by Aamer Anwar prison poetry & travel poems with introductions by Aamer Anwar (Human Rights lawyer) & Richard Haley (SACC)
A 2nd book of Talha’s prison poetry will be released next year with an introduction by his UK solicitor Gareth Pierce – featuring Supermax & solitary confinement writings
4) On Writing – A.L. Kennedy – book on creative writing featuring 2 essays on Talha and creative writing in prison. Award-winning novelist A. L. Kennedy has written to Talha for many years. Feature full transcript of lecture at Tate Modern featuring Talha’s prison letters as a centre piece
5) Supermax – Sharon Shalev – best book on Supermax prisons covering all issues by world’s leading expert based at LSE gave evidence in solitary ECHR ruling
6) The Establishment (forthcoming September 2014) – Owen Jones features Hamja Ahsan & Talha Campaign

Books on other British Extradition cases : 1) Saving Gary Mckinnon – Janis Sharp (featuring nice potrayal of Talha & his family campaign) 2) Price to Pay – David Bermingham (must-read book on understanding flaws of US-UK Extradition by expert witness of Natwest 3 3) Gang of One – Gary Mulgrew – extradition story soon to be turned into a Hollywood film – Talha favourite book read in prison
TV series: SILK, episode 4, series 3, based loosely on Talha’s case – available on DVD and online
Extradition Justice Reform Campaigns

1) Liberty – Extradition watch
Liberty supports Talha Ahsan campaign on extradition shortlist Hamja Ahsan a Liberty Human Rights Hero Award 2013 for the family campaign. At the AGM the campaign for Extradition reform was passed unanimously mentioning the injustice of Talha Ahsan extradition
2) Friends of The Extradited
Campaign website run by Melanie Riley featuring main British extradition cases on 2003 US-UK Extradition treaty. Tweets : @FrEXTRADITED
3) Statewatch – Extradition 10 areas of concern

Solitary Confinement issues:
1) Solitarywatch – must-read web-based project on Solitary Confinement featuring poetry and writings from prisoners in solitary confinement. Talha Ahsan campaign invited Jean Casella & James Ridgeway for first UK public event
2) ACLU Stop solitary confinement
3) STOP ISOLATION – UK based campaign on Solitary based in Edinburgh & London

1) Solitary Confinement Handbook – FREE PDF at
2) ASFC Bonnie Kerness (Hamja’s hero) anthologies of writing of solitary confinement & torture in US prisons :
Supermax campaign :
3) General : ACLU – Civil liberties after 9/11 – “material support” law covered

Cases worth noting : Extradition – 1. Lotfi Raissi 2. Fahad Hashmi (pre-trial isolation)
3. David McIntyre (British solidier with Suicide risk & PSTD) 4. Lauri Love (Occupy hacker) 5. Richard O’Dwyer (student with TV shack website) 6. The Dunhams

Journalism worth noting :Jeanne Theoharis in THE NATION (google) best articles on domestic Guatanamos and “material support” cases & brilliant critique of ECHR judgement “A European Court gives a green light to torture” – all articles online at The Nation website
US Campaigns :
No separate – progressive campaign on domestic war on terror cases based in New York – monthly vigils at MCC prison in New York
Center for Constitutional Rights contextual information on“material support” charge


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